viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009


CD. 2

01 L.A. To Detroit
02 Mcnasty Filth Ft Frank-N-Dank
03 Nowadayz
04 Champion Sound
05 The Red
06 Heavy
07 Raw Shit Ft Talib Kweli.
08 2The Official
09 2The Heist
10 The Mission
11 2React
12 Strapped Ft Guilty Simpson
13 Strip Club
14 The Exclusive Ft Percee P
15 Survival Test
16 Starz
17 No Games
18 Raw Addict (Bonus Track)
19 2Pillz (Bonus Track)
20 Ice (Bonus Track)


01 Da Rawkus (Sir Bang Version)
The Official (Rap Circle Mix)
Heavy (Chronic Mix)
Optimos For Dilla (Instrumental)
Survival Test (Rasta Dub Remix)
Champion Sound (Remix)
The Mission (Stringed Out Remix)
One For Dilla (Instrumental)
Strapped (Four-4 Mix) Ft Guilty Simpson
Mcnasty Filth (Instrumental)
Nowadayz (Instrumental)
Champion Sound (Instrumental)
The Red (Instrumental)
Heavy (Instrumental)
Raw Shit (Instrumental)
The Official (Instrumental)
The Heist (Instrumental)
The Mission (Instrumental)
React (Instrumental)
Strapped (Instrumental)
Strip Club (Instrumental)
The Exclusive (Instrumental)
Survival Test (Instrumental)
Starz (Instrumental)


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