martes, 10 de marzo de 2009


01 The Stakes Is High (De La Soul-Promo Mix)
02 The Rhyme (Keith Murray-Slum Village Mix)
03 Without You (Lucy Pearl-Jay Dee Remix)
04 Going Home Skit
05 Y (Be Like That)(The Pharcyde-Jay Dee Remix)
06 Funky For U (Common feat. Bilal & Jill Scott)
07 Me And Those Dreamy Eyes (D'Angelo)
08 Ultimate (Artifacts-Unreleased Jay Dee Mix)
09 Against The World (A Tribe Called Quest)
10 Sitting On Chrome (Masta Ace-Ummah Remix)
11 Don't Cha Know (Erykah Badu-Soulquarian Remix)
12 Once Upon A Time (Slum Village feat Pete Rock)
13 Whoo Haa (Busta Rhymes-Unreleased Jay Dee Remix)
14 That Shit (A Tribe Called Quest)
15 Love Junkie (DJ Cam feat. Cameo)(J Dilla Remix)
16 Say How I Feel (Slum Village feat. Dwele)(Remix)
17 She Said (The Pharcyde-Jay Dee Remix)
18 Find A Way (Slum Village-Jay Dee Remix)


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