martes, 20 de marzo de 2007


01-the mission (ft. dj mr thing)
02-the music (ft. el da sensei)
03-we waiting
04-heart pound (ft. evidence and dj babu)
05-the legacy
06-thats my word (ft. craig g and will pack)
07-all yours
08-kronkite (ft. phil da agony)
09-fonk flavour cuts by plus one
10-in and out (ft. consequence)
12-street connections (ft. out da ville)
14-hoes and dough (ft. mike zoot)
15-creators rise on top
16-another another world (ft. mos def and talib kweli)
17-internatio nal ghetto cuts by juliano
18-war ft tribel
19-the aftermath
20-no love (feat. f.t.)
21-before we touch cuts by juliano
22-watch us touch (ft. consequence)
23 enter the stage (call waiting
24 the cypher (feat. loopback)
25 skits, blunts and hip hop (call waiting diamond D)
26 oh yeah (feat. shawn j period, f.t. and mike zoot)
27 the coming
28 hard margin (feat. mos def and talib kweli)


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