lunes, 5 de marzo de 2007

DJ TOOLZ (Raphael Corderdos - Trumpet Riffs (Riffs, Stabs, Slurps & Parps For Music Makers & DJ's)) (LP)

A1. Parp 1
A2. No Slurps Till Brooklyn
A3. Parping Fine
A4. Hyde Parp
A5. Brockwell Parp
A6. Rock Creak Parp
A7. We Are The Gangsters Of Parp
A8. No Parping On The Dancefloor
B1. Stab In The Back
B2. Slurpitation
B3. Sitting In The Parp
B4. Listen To The Peep And Take A Ride
B5. Parple Hold On
B6. Patby Peeple
B7. Reefer Riff
B8. Private Parps
B9. Feelin Horny
B10. Ninja Horn


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